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Product Origin: POLAND
Standard: Original
Brand Name: Milka
PriceTerms: CIF
Detailed Product Description:

Milka Whole Hazelnuts 100g is a tasty milk chocolate.

Product of Kraft Foods (Mondelez International).

Milka is the leader on the European chocolate market and it's story dates back to 1825,

Logistic details: 16-21 pcs/box (depending on flavour), 300 boxes/pallet - total 4'800-6'300 pcs/pallet

BBD: Fresh stock (most of the Milka 100g chocolates we supply are very freshly produced at the Kraft Foods plant .)

Manufacturer: Mondelez International (former Kraft Foods)

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We supply full range of confectionery, soft drinks, coffee, grocery. If you don't see in our product list what you are looking for, please contact us and we will send you an offer.

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