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Rolling paper premium

Model No.: TK0023
Product Name: Rolling paper premium
Product Origin: France
Standard: Original
Brand Name: OCB
PriceTerms: CIF
Supply Ability: 50000 cartons
Detailed Product Description:

we are able to provide rolling papers ocb with the specification below.

the product range includes the traditional paper ocb "classic" (in white packets) and the most recent range "premium" (in black packets). both are ultra-thin, free chlorine, slow-burning and using natural gum arabic to ensure they stick each time. each paper is "watermark" as a sign of high quality. as the popularity of the range of centers "classic" on its composition flax / "premium" line has become popular due to the fact that it is so thin that it is almost transparent.
black packaging premium range hologram logo
pure linen paper and natural rubber
32 papers and filters per package
big box contains 50 packs
manufacturer: ocb
size: 108 x 45 mm
quantity: box of 50 booklets
minimum of 100 box
please kindly contact us for more details via whatsapp
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