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Processed Pitted Organic Dates ,carton box 10 kg

Model No.: 1 Carton Box 10 kg Dates
Product Name: Processed Pitted Organic Dates ,carton box 10 kg
Product Origin: Tunisia
Standard: Organic Standard Dates
Brand Name: MEDILIFE
PriceTerms: Carton box $15.30-17.35 USD /kg
Supply Ability: 5000 kg // 5 Tons // Week
Detailed Product Description:


Category of Dates

Deglet Noor means 'Shining Dates'

Presentation form

Processed Pitted Dates

Processing status

Processed & Pitted Dates

Organic status


Carton box weight

10 kg

Deglet Nour trendy color amber to brown


12 months – Temperature : 0°C to 4°C HR<65%

Harvest period

October to December


Tunisian Desert (Tozeur, Kebili, Douz, Nefta)


Consume as fresh dates


Soft to semi-dry with a water content of 18% to 22%


ISO 9000 , ISO 22000 , HACCP, Organic USDA , IFS

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