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Prickly Pear. Mideterranean Cactus Fruit for sell

Model No.: Prickly Pear
Product Name: Prickly Pear. Mideterranean Cactus Fruit for sell
Product Origin: Tunisia
Standard: Fresh Prickly Pear
Brand Name: MEDILIFE or Private Label (MOQ Applies)
PriceTerms: FOB or CFR
Supply Ability: 420 kg / Week
Detailed Product Description:

Prickly Pear, Fresh Cactus Fruit

The prickly pears are appreciated in the entire Mediterranean circumference. It is the most popular fruit of Tunisia. A highly appreciated Tunisian fruit as call it” Sultan El Gualla” literally the king of fruit. This exotic, strange and attractive fruit is worldwide appreciated not only for his savor, but also particularly for its interesting nutritional qualities: The prickly pear provides vitamin C, minerals and trace elements. Rich in water, sugars, rock salt, and its fiber content is high and low calorie intake.

The fig fruit is used as an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant (stress), anti-ulcer, diabetes (type 2 diabetes), wrinkle (contains vitamin E), Anti-cancer. A supply as varied as useful for a good nutritional balance: too much often indeed, the current food is overdrawn into certain of these micronutrients however essential for a good nutritional balance.

The harvest of the fruit is spread over one 7 months period; since June until December. The prickly pears are thus available on the markets as from June-July until December-January. The prickly pear is exported fresh, dried or preserved.

114 gr = 4 Ounce = Approx 1 Unit of Prickly pear can provide the body with :
Prickly Pear Vitamin C Magnesium Calories Water Cholesterol Blood Pressure
14 mg 88 mg 42 Calories 88% = 100g 3,3% = 3.7 grams

227 mg Potssium ,

5 mg of Sodium

Type of Product Cactus Fruit
Color Green, Yellow, Red, Purple
Open Top Carton Weight 3 kg

Shipping Info
Shipping by Air (1hour - 36 Hours depends on destination)
3 Kg / Open Top Carton
Pallet = 140 Open Top Carton = NW 420 Kg


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